Sunday, 10 May 2009


I've been reading the forums on and found directions to this site, looks like a really good idea, making your own polytunnel, think I am going to give it a try

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Looking good

Well our plot may still be looking a bit rough around the edges compared to the raised beds and immaculate completely weed free ground of some of our neighbours but it really is starting to take shape and is looking the best it ever has under our tenancy. This evening we planted our sweetcorn and another row of potatoes plus a row of carrots. I've gone for 'flyaway' this first time to ensure they have some resistance to the pests while we are still learning.

I've scattered my organic slug pellets and I noticed when going to the communal water tank that a few of our neighbours seem to have had the same problem, particularly with beans so I didn't feel quite so bad in a weird kind of way.

Sometimes it's easy to get disheartened when you're just beginning but seeing the plants growing is really giving me hope that by summer we will be eating our own produce regularly and that's a really good feeling.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


We went off to the plot this morning only to find that the dreaded slugs and snails have invaded. From a large crop of lettuce there are now only about four left and they've munched the best leaves on my beans too. At the side of the shed I saw a huge snail, the biggest I have ever seen who had clearly been feasting on my crops, I shan't repeat here the names I called it, thank goodness my two year old daughter was out of earshot or I might have been regretting it this afternoon. It's quite disheartening when that sort of destruction happens so this afternoon we went out and bought some slug killer, it is supposed to be organic and safe for use around children so we'll have to see whether it is effective in getting rid of the problem. We're also thinking about trying the sunken beer trap idea. I'll update soon on how we get on.

On the bright side my peas have started showing through now and I've got some netting to protect them from the birds and a little scarecrow which my daughter chose in the pound shop. The strawberries which were given to us are flowering in their new homes so they'll need to be netted too and my onions all have green shoots on them which I was most excited about, they've been under fleece so far but I'm thinking of removing it next week so the shoots are not restricted. My sweet peas have also started to grow in pots near the entrance to the plot. Peter has dug a bed for the sweetcorn to be transplanted to today so that will go in on the next visit. There's so much happening now which makes it feel worthwhile what we are doing and as long as we can keep those nasty slugs in check it shouldn't be long before we can actually start eating our own produce again.